Monday, 25 January 2016

Who are stock brockers?

Posted by Dheeraj Hemadri
Should we hire a stock brocker to invest in stock market?
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Bull coming down, but why?? - Fall of Indian Stock market

Posted by Dheeraj Hemadri
My dear investor from past few weeks we are seeing the fall of Indian stock market and complete down drag of stock market of China, many of us lost many valuable stocks, and few of us are being loosing  now, few investors are having confidence that again our markets raise and stocks will earn us back profits as before.
Fall of Indian Stock market

If we consider the present scenario of the Indian stock market why is it faced such down drag from last 4 weeks? 

SENSEX is at 24485.95 and NIFTY is holding at 7436.15 at the end of last trading time i.e., on Jan 25th 1600 hrs, these markets got a bit hike compared to the before trading secession, but these are 52 week low, exactly 3 months back we have seen our stock market is in very huge rise grabbing lots of assets to our countries financial status, but why it have raised to such high in October of 2015 and why the down fall took place in  Dec-2015 to Jan-2016.

Reasons :

Foreign Investments :

The one of the reason but main reason behind all this story is game play of foreign investors in Indian Stock market/s, as on the present situation and statics among all the investors in Indian stock market only 3.25% are Indians and all the remaining 96.75% are foreign players. There ends the game,as the major ( not only major but complete stock holders of Indian Stock Market )  if the foreign investors show interest in Indian stocks and buy our stocks then our markets have high trade statistics and our stock market raises. Now these foreign investors have stopped investing in Indian markets and few started selling Indian stocks, there by Indian market is facing such losses.

What happens if foreign investors stop investing in Indian Stock Market : 

  As we have discussed above the major players in Indian Stock Markets  
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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Effect of foreign investments on Indian Stock Market

Posted by Dheeraj Hemadri
Effect of foreign investments on Indian Stock Market

Effect of Foreign Investments and foreign investors for Indian Stock Market

The one of the reason but main reason behind all this story is game play of foreign investors in Indian Stock market/s, as on the present situation and statics among all the investors in Indian stock market only 3.25% are Indians and all the remaining 96.75% are foreign players. There ends the game,as the major ( not only major but complete stock holders of Indian Stock Market ) if the foreign investors show interest in Indian stocks and buy our stocks then our markets have high trade statistics and our stock market raises. Now these foreign investors have stopped investing in Indian markets and few started selling Indian stocks, there by Indian market is facing such losses.

What happens if foreign investors stop investing in Indian Stock Market :

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Today stock market, stocks to be bought for the day

Posted by Dheeraj Hemadri

MONEY MULTIPLIERS of this week, buy these stocks

Buy these stocks to gain profits
Buy these stocks to gain profits

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Top 59* Stock market investing tips :

Posted by Dheeraj Hemadri

Top 59 Stock market investing tips :

Stock Market Investing Tips
Stock Market

  • As another financial specialist, be arranged to take some little misfortunes. (see likewise 10 Great Ways to Learn Stock Trading)
  • Continuously cut your misfortunes at 8% beneath your price tag. (perused our stop misfortune requests guide)
  • Constancy is key when figuring out how to contribute. Try not to get debilitated.
  • Figuring out how to contribute doesn't occur without any forethought. It requires investment and push to wind up fruitful at it.
  • While beginning, it is imperative that you pick the right full administration or markdown financier. On the off chance that you utilize an agent, ensure he or she has a decent reputation.
  • As a fledgling, set up a money record, not an edge account.
  • It just takes $500 to $1,000 to begin. Experience is an extraordinary instructor. (Perused our Investment Guide to Proper Portfolio Allocation)
  • Maintain a strategic distance from more unpredictable sorts of ventures, for example, fates, alternatives, and outside stocks.
  • Focus on a couple of, superb stocks. There's no compelling reason to possess twenty or more stocks.
  • Try not to get candidly included with your stocks. Take after an arrangement of purchasing and offering guidelines, and don't let your feelings alter your opinion (see 50 Ways You Know You Are An Emotional Investor).
  • Try not to purchase a stock under $15 an offer. The best organizations that are pioneers in their fields just don't come at $5 or $10 per offer.
  • Gaining from the best securities exchange champs can direct you to tomorrow's pioneers. (explore our stock graph cases documents)
  • Continuously do a post-examination of your securities exchange exchanges with the goal that you can gain from your triumphs and errors.
  • A mix of major and specialized speculation styles is vital to picking winning stocks.
  • Basic investigation takes a gander at an organization's income, income development, deals, net revenues, and profit for value in addition to other things. It river down your decisions so you are just managing quality stocks.
  • Specialized examination includes figuring out how to peruse a stock's cost and volume graph and timing your choices legitimately.
  • To profit, you must purchase the absolute best organizations at the ideal time.
  • Solid deals and profit are amongst the most essential qualities of winning stocks.
  • Purchasing a stock as it is leaving a value combination range or base is critical to making extensive additions.
  • Continuously pick stocks from the main business gatherings or areas. The larger part of past business sector pioneers were in the top business gatherings and segments.
  • Numerous huge winning stocks originate from segments, for example, medications and medicinal, PCs, correspondences innovation, programming, claim to fame retail, and recreation and excitement.
  • Volume is the genuine number of shares exchanged by a stock (Find out how to peruse volume on stock graphs).
  • Stocks never go up coincidentally. There must be substantial purchasing, commonly from enormous speculators, for example, shared subsidizes and benefits stores.
  • In contemplating the best securities exchange victors in the course of recent years, bases framed just before the stock broke out into new high ground in cost and after that went ahead to make their greatest additions.
  • The most widely recognized example is a "container with handle" names so on the grounds that it looks like an espresso mug when seen from the side.
  • The ideal purchasing purpose of any stock is the "turn point".
  • On the day a stock breaks out, volume ought to increment by half or more over its normal.
  • A lessening in cost on diminished volume demonstrates no critical offering.
  • Supplant the old aphorism, "purchase low and offer high" with "purchase high and offer a considerable measure higher."
  • You need to purchase a stock at its turn point. Try not to pursue a stock up more than 5% past its turn.
  • Diagram cost and volume activity as often as possible can offer you some assistance with recognizing when a stock has come to its top and ought to be sold.
  • History dependably rehashes itself in the share trading system.
  • Most enormous securities exchange pioneers breaking out of a sound base will go up 20% in eight weeks or less from the turn point. Never offer a stock that does this in four weeks or less, you may have a major champ.
  • The general business sector is spoken to by driving business sector records like the S&P500, Dow Jones Industrials, and the NASDAQ Composite. Following the general business sector is key in light of the fact that most stocks take after the pattern of the general business sector.
  • Overlook individual suppositions about the business sector.
  • An ordinary bear business sector will decrease 20% to 25% from its top cost. A negative political or financial environment could bring about a more extreme decay.
  • Knowing when to both purchase an offer a stock is key for achievement.
  • three out of four stocks , paying little heed to how "great' will in the long run take after the pattern of the general business sector.
  • Following four or five days of circulation inside of an a few week period, the general business sector will typically incline downwards.
  • Bear markets make trepidation and vulnerability. At the point when stocks hit base and swing up to start the following positively trending business sector stacked with circumstances, the vast majority basically don't trust it.
  • Sooner or later in transit down, the lists will endeavor to bounce back or rally. A rally is an endeavor by a stock or the general business sector to turn up and progress in cost after a time of decrease.
  • Most specialized business sector markers are of little esteem. Mental pointers like the Put-Call proportion can affirm alters in the market's course.
  • When you decide you are working in an uptrending general business sector, you have to pick unrivaled stocks.
  • Potential victors will have solid income and deals development, expanding overall revenues and exceptional yield on value (17% or more). They ought to additionally be in a main industry bunch.
  • Utilizing a graph administration can offer you some assistance with determining if the timing is on the right track to purchase a stock.
  • There are two essential sorts of financial specialists: development stock speculators and quality speculators.
  • Development financial specialists look for organizations with solid income and sals development, predominant net revenues, and an arrival on value of more than 17%.
  • Esteem financial specialists look for stocks that are underestimated and have low P/E proportions.
  • At the point when beginning to contribute, keep it straightforward. Just put resources into residential stocks or shared assets. (Instruction on Fund Loads Scams and Mutual Fund Fees are vital before contributing. Consider ETF contributing as an option)
  • You get what you pay for in the business sector. Low-estimated stocks are generally shoddy for a justifiable reason.
  • Alternatives are unsafe in light of the fact that speculators don't just need to be right about the course of the stock additionally about the time span in which they trust the cost will go up or down.
  • Prospects, because of their exceptionally theoretical nature, ought to be endeavored just be individuals with quite a long while of effective speculation experience.
  • Wide expansion and resource designation are a bit much. Amass your eggs in less wicker bin, know them well and watch them precisely.
  • On the off chance that you have not exactly $5,000 to contribute, just own maybe a couple stocks. On the off chance that you have $10,000-a few stocks; $25,000-three or four stocks; $50,000-four or five stocks; and, $100,000 or more-claim close to six stocks.
  • On the off chance that you effectively own the most extreme number of stocks purchase need to add another stock to your portfolio, drive yourself to offer the minimum gainful stock to get cash for the new name.
  • At the point when acquiring a stock, just purchase half of your fancied position at the starting purchase point. Purchase a little sum more if the value rises 2% or 3% over your first purchase. Normal up in value, never down.
  • Try not to let yourself lose cash after you as of now had a sensible benefit.
  • 40% of stocks will draw back to their starting purchase point-now and again on enormous volume-for maybe a couple days. Try not to let this shake you out of your stock.
  • Offer a stock if its income per offer demonstrates a noteworthy deceleration in development for two quarters in succession.
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    Saturday, 21 November 2015

    Investing in Stocks, Why should we do it?

    Posted by Dheeraj Hemadri
    Investing in stocks (stock market/share market). Perceptions of people to invest in share market will be as, " We get Payout in short term", "It is risk, we get only loss but no profit", "Volatile place of money making", ..blah blah blah. Among all these perceptions which conclusion is true about stock market? To understand the hidden question of our brains " why should we do investing in stocks? " we shall go briefly into a small story which is out of my personal life experience.

    Pull your socks to use brains for few minutes to understand the exact good part of stock market. Initially we shall take few amount i.e, it my be 30000 bucks, we shall divide the total amount in to 4 parts of equal value of 10000 each. We shall invest these 4 parts in 4 different places likely..

    1. Place 10000 in a safety locker in your home
    2. Fixed Deposit in bank 
    3. Invest 10000 in Stock market with good strategies
    Stock Market
    Investing In Stock Market

    Place 10000 Bucks in a safety locker in your home 

                                                                                                                  and check your safety locker, exactly after one week open the locker and see your amount, nothing shocking for you to see, because you can see only 10K which you have placed one week back. There will not be any extra returns by saving in your locker.

    Fixed Deposit in Bank

    one of the best part in investing the 10K in a bank is it will return us some   which we deposit in one of the banks will give some interest over your investment but it is very less, i.e, <10% per annum, it means very less in a month and if you consider for a week it is very negligible we can consider it to be as equal to zero. 

     Invest 10000 in Stock market with good strategies

    By investing your 10K in a stock market and by applying ethical and good strategies of investment in stock market and the by healthy way of operating your money will give you a returns of about 800 to 1000 bucks in a week, it means 3200 to 4000 bucks and much more than these bucks in a month, means which of any bank or any financial institutions don't/can't return you such profits in such a short span. 

    Investment Gains

    One of the essential advantages of investing into the stock market system is the opportunity to develop your cash. After some time, money markets tends to ascend in quality, however the costs of individual stocks rise and fall every day. Interests in stable organizations that can grow tend to make benefits for speculators. In like manner, putting resources into various stocks will fabricate your riches by utilizing development in diverse segments of the economy, bringing about a benefit regardless of the fact that some of your individual stocks lose esteem.

    Dividend Income

    A few stocks give wage as a profit. While not all stocks offer profits, those that do convey yearly instalments to financial specialists. These instalments arrive regardless of the possibility that the stock has lost esteem and speak to salary on top of any benefits that originate from in the end offering the stock. Profit salary can finance a retirement or pay for significantly all the more contributing as you develop your speculation portfolio after some time.


    For investor who do their investment into distinctive sorts of venture items, a stock market speculation has the advantage of giving broadening. Stock Market ventures change esteem autonomously of different sorts of speculations, for example, bonds and land. Holding stock can offer you some assistance with weathering misfortunes to other speculation items. Stock adds danger to a portfolio, and in addition the potential for vast, fast picks up, offering financial specialists some assistance with avoiding danger opposed or excessively preservationist venture procedures.


    Purchasing shares of stock means tackling a proprietorship stake in the organization you buy stock in. This implies putting resources into money markets additionally brings advantages that are a piece of being one of an entrepreneurs'. Shareholders vote on corporate board individuals and certain business choices. They additionally get yearly reports to take in more about the organization. Owning stock in the organization you work for can be an approach to express dependability and attach your own accounts to the achievement of the business all in all.

    Few More Benefits Of Investing In Stock Market / Share Market

    Easy Liquidity

    It is the first advantages of investing in stock market, In stock exchange shares and securities are exchanged high volume which make it an unstable market so there is simple liquidity in stock market, as on the off chance that you need to transform your interest in stock market into money then you can do that effortlessly.


    Putting investment in stock market is exceptionally adaptable like the business sector have high points and low points in costs at each exchange session, cost of securities exchange moves with the speed and adaptability of this business sector.

    Regulatory Framework

    Stock Market works under some administrative structure to ensure and protect every one of it's financial specialists. For instance: In India the Investments, Securities and Exchange Board of Indie (SEBI) fills in as a Regulatory Framework Body to shield all financial specialists.

    Maximum Returns

    As indicated by the long haul point of view it is found that Investing in Stock Market gives most extreme returns. For instance: 1 Lakh Bucks put resources into securities exchange in the year 1992 (when SENSEX was 2020 Bucks) is currently close around 9 Lakh 50 Thousand Bucks(today SENSEX is appx 26000 bucks)

    Business Taste

    All things considered, According to me it is the best advantages of putting resources into stock market you can ever have, here from Business Taste I imply that when a man exchanges or put resources into stock market everything arrives works like a business a cutting edge style business.

    Sole Proprietorship

    On the off chance that you investing in a stock market then you are beginning your own particular business where your venture is your capital, similar to the more your exchange is in benefit the more your business develops and you are the main individual to maintain this business that is the reason putting resources into stock exchange is your sole proprietorships business.
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    Friday, 20 November 2015

    Appropriate time and strategies for investing in a stock market :

    Posted by Dheeraj Hemadri

    What is the right time to invest in stock market?

    Investing in stock market :

    Investing in stock market is a money making game play, it is not a marriage to check stars, planet positions to fix time and date to make an investment. You can invest in a healthy stock (share) with good strategy and gain profits at any point of time, but only in the time when market is open.

    By investing in stock market in a up moving stock and applying an intelligent game play your assets will be raising every second, even if you forget to check the auspicious day and time. But by checking an auspicious day and time if you invest in an down trending share with an unsuited strategies from your mind, that’s obvious we will be in pool lo liabilities.
    Stock Market
    Strategy Money maker


    Strategies, strategies, strategies, strategies. What are these strategies? are these such important for making our investing in stock market? What is the roll and effect of these strategies for making our investment  and over our profits of our assets in stock market? Are there any such fixed and standard strategies for bursting profits and escaping from mirage of losses in stock market? bla bla bla.... etc etc, these are all the queries throttled my brain when i have started my investing game in stock market, my reprocess for all these questions is as :

    My straight forward answer is yes, only a clear, practical, and calculated strategy will turn our assets into profits. There are no fixed and standard strategies for investing in a stock market, we have to build our own strategies from our practical  experiences, it will be changing for every second during the marketing hours of stock markets. Below links are few of the strategies I have built out of my experiences that lead me through huge profits. I assure you by following these points you can make your assets as profits.
                                                                                                         * Profits change WRT stock market risk.

    For Investing in a stock market there are two types of strategies. Namely....

  • Strategies to be followed for gaining profits in a stock market.  
  • Strategies to be followed for investing in a stock market.
  • Strategies to be followed for gaining profits in a stock market :

    NOTE : Below all points are in hyper link, please click over each point for a detailed information.
    • Selection of share price.
    • Type of stock and company we are investing in.
    • Day trading ( Intraday )
    • How to make profits when stock market is down.
    • Multiplying profits when stock market is raising.

    Strategies to be followed for investing in a stock market:

    NOTE : Below all points are in hyper link, please click over each point for a detailed information.

  • Introduction
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Value Investing
  • Growth Investing
  • GARP Investing
  • Income Investing
  • Dogs of the Dow
  • Technical Analysis
  • Conclusion

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